Nothing Can Change Us Or Our Moods

Looking within first is the way we can do this.

Imagine knowing for most of your life that you don’t need to drink alcohol, eat fattening, sugary foods, or use a medication to feel better. Many people go through their entire lives and don’t know this.

Not every situation is the same…

Of course there are chemical imbalances that need medication like depression or anxiety that need to be treated by a professional. There are also people that become addicted to alcohol and drugs; they also need professional help. Those situations are not what this blog post is talking about.

Too often we look to other people, places and things to make us feel better. What we need to understand is that there IS nothing that can change our mood or state of being that is outside of ourselves. 

There is another way.

Why do we look outside ourselves? Is it because we have been conditioned to do so? What if we were taught emotional intelligence in school instead as children?

There is a great book, called Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, that really explains the concept of emotional intelligence beautifully. It also has ways that we can improve our own EQ, the emotional version of IQ. It can be found online here:

(I am not getting paid to promote this book. I just really like it. Time for me to reread it!)

We can bring in healthy behaviors like using positive affirmations, meditation, yoga, food, water or tea. Music can be a great way to feel better too. The difference is whether what we choose adds to our happiness and wellness or subtracts from them.

The bottom line here is that we do not NEED to go for unhealthy people, place and things to help us escape from the way we are feeling. That will ultimately make our situation worse, not better.

What happens when we look within?

When we learn how to rely on ourselves more to improve our mood or state of being, two things happen:

  1. We no longer have to wait for someone (something) to come rescue us. We can rescue ourselves!
  2. Our level of self-esteem rises. We know that we are strong and resourceful enough to raise our energetic and emotional vibrations and help ourselves feel better!

This can also help us if we have a business. Although having a coach is often vital to the success of our business, we don’t have to wait for someone else to validate what we are doing. By taking good care of ourselves, we can be creative, resourceful and energetic—which will benefit our business as well!

Having what we need is within our own grasp.

It is so liberating when we understand that we can give ourselves what we need by going within. This isn’t to say that we need to isolate. But imagine the freedom of not needing anyone or anything else to change how we feel!

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4 thoughts on “Nothing Can Change Us Or Our Moods”

  1. When I fell and fractured my hip 5 years ago, my doctor said that my speedy recovery was due in part to all the yoga I had done for the two or three years before the fall. I have also been able to relieve a headache with meditation. I never, never, forget how powerful we humans really are!


  2. So important to look within and know that we can heal ourselves.
    I know that without prescription drugs I might not be alive or I might be on dialysis so I believe there is a balance
    PS I enjoy a glass of red shiraz 🙂


  3. Hi Suzie,
    Thanks for your comment. We can definitely benefit from looking within. Certain prescription medications are needed at times, I agree with you. And as far as drinking wine, I think as long as one is not using it to try to escape from one’s feelings or as part of an addiction, that’s a healthy way to do it.


  4. That is amazing Barb! Yoga is wonderful for so many things, including healing. Meditation is great as well; I should try it to relieve my headache next time! I usually just meditate in the mornings these days. Thanks for your comment, that is so helpful!


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