You ARE Worthy

Very often in #business, we tend to forget our own #power. We lose (or never have) #confidence in ourselves. As a result, our #goals most likely won’t get met.

For example, we may want a certain number of clients so we can grow our business to help others and make a good income at it. But if we forget our own power, our results will not match our desires.

And we can get frustrated and ask—why not me? Why don’t I see the results I want in my business? It’s because we feel that we’re not worth it. Maybe we feel inferior—that killer of dreams, comparison-itis, is insidious and destructive.

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Here’s the bottom line: We are at this point in our lives because we DESERVE to be #successful. We just need to believe it.

When your confidence is low, look at this image and repeat what it says to yourself. Because it’s the truth!

Do it several times a day if you need to!

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11 thoughts on “You ARE Worthy”

  1. Yes, Genevieve, what we cultivate within, radiates out. As you said, we never lose these abilities, it is a matter of connecting within to self-worth, confidence and empowerment.


  2. I think we can all use this reminder! Self-love and self-worth are a continued journey. When we DO step into it with two feet – the world starts to reflect that. Some days are easier than others! Thanks for this!!


  3. Great point Barb! Agreed, self-worth is crucial in all areas of life. We are SO worthy that we can give ourselves an amazing life! Thanks for your wise comment.


  4. I love this perspective Jenny! Self-love and self-worth are indeed a continued journey. Sometimes we stumble, sometimes we make great strides. As long as we keep going down the path with two feet, we are on the best path for ourselves! 💖


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