Health and Wellness

I am also the co-host of Reclaim Your Health, a podcast where we show women how to reclaim their health on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes. It is a real passion for me and my friend and co-host, Dr. Rachel Haviland. We LOVE what we do and our message of women taking care of their health is growing quickly!

To find out more and to listen in, click here: Reclaim Your Health Podcast


Learn how to bring your wellness (and your family’s) to the next level without harsh chemicals. These oils are pure and unadulterated to provide natural solutions derived from plants that are farmed in their indigenous environments.

There are products, webinars and related services to help you use essential oils to uplevel your wellness physically, emotionally and spiritually.

You’re invited to discover how essential oils can help you, your family and your home get and stay well naturally. Please fill out the form below if you wish to be contacted within the next 24-48 hours.