The Beauty of Our Dreams

Do you believe in the beauty of your dreams?

Believing in the beauty of our dreams in the first step to manifestation. In other words, when we believe in the beauty of our dreams, we are much more likely to have the motivation to make them come true. Also, not only does the future belong to those of us who do this. The present belongs to us too!

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For example, I like to blog. However, it’s not necessarily a dream whose beauty I believe in. (Not yet, anyway.) It doesn’t quite capture my heart like working with clients or other things I do in my business. It’s not enough for me to just say, “I have this dream of blogging at least once a week.” So I only blog occasionally at this point.

Now, this is not a judgment. It’s just an observation. When we really believe in the beauty of our dreams, we see their inherent value. We have faith that we can create that which we desire. We see how rewarding our lives will be when we believe in our dreams enough to make them a reality.

Do you believe in your dreams enough to make them a reality? Try journaling about this. List the reasons why you do or don’t believe.

Journaling is so powerful; it can even be healing and clarifying. Dreams often begin to take shape while journaling.

I’m so glad I found this design that I created about three years ago. The reason why I love it is because of the real truth behind this quote. (OK, two reasons: There are also pretty colors and sparkly things.) ✨💖✨

Our dreams are within us for a reason. They are there to bring us what we want and deserve. So don’t discount your dreams, nurture them! Then take action to make them a reality.


Where Do You Work: From Your Head Or Your Heart?

For Some Of Us, Only One Really Works, And It May Not Be The One You Think

I was just in a wonderful conversation with my friend Linda Joy yesterday, and she asked: When can we know we are in our zone of magic and wonder, or we’re not? (Sorry if I can’t remember your exact words Linda; I think the gist of it is there.)

It’s not complicated at all.

The basic formula is simple.  If what I’m doing feels good, and if it comes from love, I am in my heart-space. When I am in that space, magic happens. I am inspired, I am having fun (yes, we really CAN have fun when working!), and things flow with ease and grace.

When I’m in my head-space, I am trying to “figure things out”. That NEVER works for me. I don’t know about you.

Is “working hard” the best way?

When we strive to “work hard” and close off our hearts, we tend to work from a place of lack, limitation and fear. And if we want to attract more positive things into our lives like success, joy, freedom, fun, etc.….Needless to say, that isn’t the way to do it.

When work doesn’t feel good, it’s tough to get the results we want. I have literally gotten headaches from staying stuck in my head and closing off my heart.

A new way to work

It has taken YEARS (decades, really) to shift gears from the old programming of “working hard”—as if there is some medal or reward to be earned from that—to a new mode of work. A place where I am getting stuff done, yet it is fun and joyful. As a heart-centered entrepreneur, I am grateful to know that and claim it. When we are heart-centered and learn to operate from this heart-space mode, the most amazing things happen.

Events unfold with so much love and light. Opportunities come along to grow business-wise and personally. I have met the most amazing, loving, kind people in this way, and my business literally flows with ease and grace.

There is always a choice. Which path do you choose?