What’s A Marketing Calendar?

And How Will A Marketing Calendar Help?

(Video at the bottom of this page was recorded for Facebook group, Social Media Marketing for Coaches: https://facebook.com/groups/smmarketing4coaches)

Having an online marketing calendar is very important. In fact, I’d even say it’s a vital part of your marketing. It’s how you’ll know what to post and when to post it on social media or in your blog.

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There are two ways to use a marketing calendar:

  1. Pre-Scheduling

You can have your marketing pre-scheduled and ready to go out. I personally like to “set it and forget it”. Some say that there may not be as much engagement if you pre schedule. I’m not really finding that it’s a big issue for me though. With just a little planning, I’ve got something pre-scheduled for each day of the week. Therefore, there’s no need to think about it every day!

2. Write and Send Your Social Media Posts Immediately
If you prefer, you can instead write your social media posts (or blog posts) and send them out right away. It’s really up to you and how you prefer to work.

For example, I have my own schedule of post topics each day with a hashtag, like #MarketingMonday or #TalkAboutItTuesday. You can actually Google this under social media posts for days of the week. Depending on what kind of business you have, you can use different hashtags.

Hashtags are a way you can look up a particular topic on social media.
Let’s say you want to use something like #MarketingMonday, like I use in my business. I also use the following hashtags:

#TalkAboutItTuesday, #WisdomWednesday, #ThankfulThursday, #FridayFun, #SocialSaturday, and #SundayFunday. I tend to post these day-of-the-week posts in the morning. A good link to research what hashtags could work for your business is https://blog.hootsuite.com/daily-hashtags/.

More About Pre-Scheduling

To pre-schedule, I like sendible.com. Besides morning posts, I sometimes also post in the afternoon–this way I am posting at least once or twice per day. Two other good apps that are very inexpensive are hootsuite.com and buffer.com. There are others as well.

To create my own designs for my morning posts, I use canva.com. It’s a very user-friendly way to create your own original designs, or you can choose from many premade designs to use with your posts.

To go back to Sendible, one reason why I like it is that there are content suggestions if you want to use an article that someone else has created for your afternoon post. These articles on Sendible are free to share, and they have very useful content that are more likely of interest to your online followers. For example, I can enter and search a topic like online marketing to find articles to share in the afternoon.

As I mentioned earlier, what’s great about online marketing is that it can be planned or scheduled. If you haven’t seen my earlier video on using Google Calendar to schedule things throughout your day, you can go to http://www.innerpowermedia.com/organizing-your-life-and-business-with-google-calendar/.

With online marketing, the most important thing is planning it. When you plan your posts is really up to you. Some will say that it’s best to optimize for the times during the day when your audience is likely to be on. If you don’t know when those are yet, try some common times like 9am, 12pm and 5pm. You can experiment with this, since you may not know until you actually try this out.

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As you can see, a marketing calendar will take the uncertainty and worry right out of your online marketing!


What Can We Do When We’re Frustrated At Work?

Let’s talk about what happens during our workday. As business owners, we know it’s going to happen: we’re going to get frustrated at work. I experienced this a bit yesterday when I had this tech issue. There were a couple of apps on my laptop that weren’t working very well, and my computer was getting really slow too.

I kept thinking to myself, “Ok, I’ve got clients that are waiting for me to to do some work for them!” It was getting really frustrating. So I had to take a deep breath. (Sounds really corny, but it works.)

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So what CAN we do when we’re frustrated at work?

I personally took a deep breath, put my feet flat on the floor, did some more deep breathing, and centered myself. There were even a couple of times during all these tech issues of the last few days where I’ve had to just move away from my laptop for a while and take a break.

I get tempted to just keep going at work, no matter what. And when that happens, my mood gets worse and worse. So I’m so grateful that I was able to take that time to center myself. Hopefully I’ll remember it more quickly next time!

Being in business for ourselves doesn’t mean that everything’s going to go perfectly. There are a lot of benefits to being in business for oneself. We have autonomy. Yet there’s so much to do.

Life is like that: Whether we’re working or not, frustrating things come up. So taking a deep breath, centering, and prioritizing can be so helpful.

After I centered myself, I looked at my calendar. I thought, “What is absolute-top priority what needs to get done today? What can wait till tomorrow?”
There are projects sometimes they can wait till next week, next month, and so on. I tend to be very overwhelmed. There are frustrations that come up during the day, but we don’t have to let them control us. It’s the same thing with really any emotion that we feel that is a bit too overpowering or too overwhelming.

What do you do when you are getting frustrated during the day?

Organizing Your Life and Business With Google Calendar

Today’s blog is really a vlog. This morning I went on Facebook Live in my group, Social Media Marketing for Coaches (https://www.facebook.com/groups/smmarketing4coaches/), to talk about and demonstrate the why and how of Google Calendar.

It’s the MOST important tool I use in my business. It helps me organize my life too!

Discover how it can simplify your life and business below.

If you already use it, please share how it helps you by commenting.

Any questions? Comment below.

(FYI: It’s FREE! And no, I am not being paid to talk about Google Calendar. I just want to share about what helps me.)

Just click Play and enjoy!