Who’s Your Avatar?

What is an avatar anyway? Find out why it matters.

Online marketing may seem to the inexperienced person like it’s complicated, but it really isn’t. The most important thing to start out with is knowing who your avatar is.

When you’re marketing, you have to know who you’re marketing to. Writing a social-media post, website or newsletter to anyone and everyone guarantees only one thing: You won’t reach anyone.

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Online marketing has to be much more focused. If your target audience sees that you’re trying to help everyone, they won’t see themselves in your message. Your marketing will be unconvincing, and as a result, not effective.

To reach the people you want to work with, you need to focus your marketing with an avatar. Your avatar (or buyer persona) is someone with whom you are currently working, or someone who you are imagining, who is your ideal client.

You can speak to your avatar via:

  • Newsletter Emails
  • Social Media Posts
  • Going live on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Website Pages

Have you ever had a client who you just loved working with? If so, try to list everything you loved about working with this client.

Or if you’re starting out with your business: Take a few minutes to get comfortable, close your eyes and picture working with a someone who makes you so glad you’re in business.

Either way, what is it that makes you love working with this person? Write down all the attributes of the client and how you feel when working with her or him. This is your avatar.

Once you have that person in your mind, imagine that with each piece of marketing you do, your goal is to reach her or him. You’ll be amazed at how effective your marketing becomes. And at how much easier it is to create the right wording to attract more of your ideal clients!