March is Reach Your Audience Month

I’m happy to announce that this blog will start having a monthly theme so you can get specific, targeted information about marketing your business online. March is Reach Your Audience Month, so you can learn more about marketing to your ideal clients!

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The first thing to know when attempting to reach your audience is that your message needs to be specific and targeted, especially . One effective messaging tool is the elevator pitch, or an elevator speech. You may have heard the term.  It’s what you can say when people ask you, “What do you do?”

The idea is that you need to describe what you do in the time that it takes for an elevator ride. I like this term because it fits into our busy world. There usually isn’t much time to explain what we do effectively, so being able to sum it up quickly make sense.

A good elevator pitch should have these parts:

  1. An accurate description of the services your business provides
  2. Something about your business that makes it unique compared to others in your line of work. This way, you are more likely to differentiate yourself, and to connect with someone who resonates with what you do.
  3. You should end your elevator pitch with: “Would you like to know more?”

Here’s an example of my elevator pitch:

“My business helps health and spiritual coaches grow their businesses by providing social media management, website building and web copywriting.

What separates my service from others in my field is that I work closely with these coaches to find and attract their target audience in a way that truly aligns with who they are and because of this, they save time and effort in reaching their business goals with personalized business coaching, as well as having the “techy stuff” done for them.

Would you like to know more?”

This can take a bit of practice to memorize, so make sure you do that. Fortunately, if you work from home or you’re mainly online, you can always have your elevator pitch written our on your desk or your phone until you get the hang of it.

If the person replies, “Yes!” or something similar: Depending on whether you are talking with someone in-person or not, you can give her or him your business card or your website. Make sure that when you do either, that you make an appointment to talk further.

The goal here should be getting on the phone, or into an online meeting. Then you can find out more about what the prospective client’s needs are and how you can help. Here’s a really important point: Make sure you either schedule a time to talk more right there, or follow up with the person as soon as possible to schedule that time.

The longer you wait to schedule a time, the more likely it will be that the prospect either will forget about your conversation or be put off because you tool too long to reach out. The more you are consistent with this, the better results you will get.

This is often the best way to generate interest. It is quick, easy and costs nothing. Yet it can be the beginning of marketing to your ideal clients. This can lead to great things for you and your business!


Feel resistance marketing online?

Resistance happens. It doesn't have to lead to failure.

There can be an number of reasons why one can feel resistance when marketing online. It is often challenging—and confusing. When one is running an online business, there are quite a few things that need to be considered and implemented. No wonder we entrepreneurs often feel so much resistance!

If a business owner has no experience or training, it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed about marketing online for business growth. It’s like going hiking in the woods on a complicated trail with no guide to lead the way: we feel totally lost!

I’ve spoken to many health and spiritual coaches who don’t even know where to start, let alone form an online marketing plan. So fear of failure often sets in before they even start.

There’s also fear of success. If we’re “too successful”, might we be more vulnerable online or financially? And what if we get so busy that we end up being completely stressed out?

Often it just seems easier to leave online marketing on the back burner. But an online business is going nowhere unless we have an online marketing plan—and implementation.

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Resistance is natural. Having fear is natural. Take a moment to lean into those fears. But the worst thing to do is to let the fear stop us!

Let’s turn this around. Ask yourself:

What if I…


Not only with my business, but with my self-care…so I’m not overworked or stressed out.

What if I make enough money to hire a VA…and then even more team members?

See what i just did there? Rather than imagine the worst-case scenario, how about imagining the BEST-case scenario?

In a recent blog post, ( I included a video where I had viewers imagine their businesses as thriving. Click on the above link if you’d like to see it.

As I share in the video, I tried to have a successful online business for YEARS. What helped me turn things around? Positive visualization, like I just described above, and getting help. Doing things all alone did NOT work.

Taking action to turn things around felt so empowering.

If you’re a business owner, you are in business for yourself. So be GOOD to yourself. Work smarter, not harder. See what that can do for your business…and for you!